My Platform in an Extremely Small Nutshell

Universal Health Care

Article the First

Responsible Use of Military Force


Regarding Donations, in order to mitigate the many factors affecting us and keep it fun, I’ve adopted a non-standard strategy.  My maximum donation is $1, and recurring daily donations are the only way to donate more than that.  The game is to be the candidate with the most single donations and the lowest average donation in the country.  This makes sense on account of the fact that the money system is rigged against the common human and the fact that people need their money to just get by.  I don’t/can’t/won’t ever feel good about taking money out of the working class (who are the only folks who would ever support a candidate like me) and putting it back into the pockets of rich people via various channels, all of which are dominated by the wrong people in the world of politics.  So this is my solution.  I ask for your vote, and I ask for a dollar.  Thank you for your time and attention.

This campaign is in WACD6.  To be clear, the polls are not the only way to win in this system. We can also win in court.  LaVergne V. US House of Representatives has the potential to put We the People into the drivers seat of this republic and that is the primary thrust of this campaign. This campaign is viable only in parallel with the paradigm shift that we are seeing all across the country. It’s not about the money, not about the old school, not about the old rules. It’s about making a collective shift in mindset. We can win at every level, including federal. All that’s needed is a little faith and a little effort, and a willingness to change our minds.