Tyler Myles Vega

for Port Townsend City Council, Washington State 2021

Human potential. Optimization. What can we do and how well can we do it?

I’m about this idea of thriving.

What will the world look like when we are all at our best?


On the global community scale this is simply about making it work. For humans and for the envioronment. Both.

In this age we have the knowledge, skill, (oxford comma) and resources to do it right. It’s time to start walking the talk. All the science says it will be too late soon.

Applying solutions to our most pressing global concerns as actionable local motion is a necessary step in our survival. See Dreaming Big or A Little More Pragmatic for one of an infinite number of ways we could apply this concept locally. If you want to know how I’d imagine to pay for it look at Economic Development.


My experience in politics is born of activism. Originally a peace walker then a forest defender, I dabbled in politics as early as the turn of the millennium and have run for a handful of offices in recent years. I’m also the founding member of the Washington Berniecrats Coalition, now Our Revolution Washington. Originally an anti-superdelegate campaign, now a progressive force to be reckoned with operating consistently at all levels.


Originally all of my leadership skills were from small ensembles in various musical endeavors. Later it would take form in organizing and activism, and in recent years enters the arena of mostly state and national level politics. The focus, intentionally, has been gradually shifting downwards to the place where experience and effectiveness start to meet up. I’m currently responsible for running monthly meetings as an acting co-chair in the local DSA as well as an active secretary for the state Progressive Party.

I also hold a 50 ton US Coast Guard Masters License and bring a long list of lessons learned from several extremely adventurous chapters in the nautical arts.


Locally speaking it’s all about workforce housing, with a focus on the future of what I’m referring to as the Port Townsend Commons, The 60 acres (now a golf course) that will likely dominate local political discussion for the coming city council term. We can keep the golf in the equation, potentially even making it better, while actually taking the bold action needed by people just like us all over the globe to rise to the challenge of our times. I submit for consideration the possibility that our little town could be Carbon Negative and Energy Independent (how about Zero Waste?) in a decade with a bit of synergy and cooperation, and thus we’d be helping to lead the world forward in an age desperate for such.

Topics on my list to write about that I haven’t gotten to yet:

Urban Permaculture

Community Broadband

Zero Waste

Carbon Negative

Food Sovereignty

Water in Abundance

Energy Independence

Cleaning up the Port

Cleaning up our part of the Puget Sound

Community Currency


This is an invitation to a conversation.

This page is under construction. The point is to give people who care enough to be here a sense of who I am. I’ll add more as time permits, but do just feel free to reach out. Facebook is probably the easiest place to find me as a campaign at https://facebook.com/VegaInTheHouse or on my personal page (that I use largely for politics) https://facebook.com/TyMVega.

Thank you for being here.


Also it’s pronounced “jif”.