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What if instead of measuring ourselves by Corporate Profits, we measured ourselves by Optimizing Human Potential?

What if instead of an economy that prioritizes Obscene Wealth for a Few, we had an economy that prioritizes What We Can Do and How Well We Can Do It?

I’m about this idea of thriving. What will our community look like when we are All at our best?

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On the local level, the priority is Housing. The big conversation is the future of the Golf Course. All of this needs to be considered within the context of sustainability and the green new deal. Change starts at home. Read more

Vega Will Help

  • Experienced activist with inclusive community-oriented attitude.
  • Great listener committed to represent you and make sure community voices are heard and heeded.
  • Supports affordable housing, climate action, universal health care, resilience/disaster preparation and energy independence.
  • Acting co-chair of the DSA – North Olympic Chapter, as well as acting vice chair of the WA Progressive Party.
  • Musician, computer specialist, mariner (50 ton US Coast Guard Masters License) and father.

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