This page is for a more realistic look at specifically what the 60 acres of what is now the golf course could be given the circumstances and the natural limitation of resources that will obviously come into play.

I believe the long term plan should include a multicultural center, and if on the council I’d begin this entire conversation with an invitation to the local tribal leadership, and if at all possible create space for that (and all of it) to be considered within the context of a dialogue that takes into account the very difficult and real conversations about colonialism, history, environment and politics as it relates indian affairs.

I support keeping a fair amount of golf, certainly the driving range and ideally adding all or some of mini-golf, pitch-and-put, and what I’m currently calling maximum-golf (I’m not at all sold on that as the buzz word). Max-Golf would be like mini golf but with a full driver set. Presumably indoors or net enclosed with targets, walls and modular infrastructure to allow an optimal physical workout for the golf team with regard to stroke, strength and stamina. All of these could be leveraged for tourism to offset expenses and would need to be economically sustainable, a conversation that would fit into the larger conversation of tourism within the city.

I support the focus of the effort being workforce housing. This would presumably be non-profit driven as the city is unlikely to be financially prepared for the ideal (see Vienna model, which in my view should be the model to shoot for), at least in the first part of the new millennium. For example, I could see this value being defined by funding options and the ball being carried by OlyCAP and habitat for humanity, and I could dream pretty big on leveraging local fundraising to get it done really, really well with concepts of energy independence and sustainability keeping a seat at the table within the context of economic viability. There’s no reason we can’t, given our circumstances, build in solar on rooftops and water catchment for toilet water. I’d like to be so bold as to imagine a micro dose of publicly owned housing, as little as a single unit, but designed to be 100% sustainable as well as scalable. A model, if you will, for the future of what housing can look like as a lego block that we could produce locally and gave back more energy that in it consumed. Proving the concept, we could take a baby step towards a future where our children have a planet to work on and leading the way on climate reconciliation on a small town budget. I suspect that some amount of heroic local fundraising matched with the leveraging prowess of some incredible local humans could achieve such a model.

I would like to see a largeish outdoor amphitheater that was beautiful, simple and sustainable. It’s primary function would be the fundraising that the commons (that’s what I currently refer to the golf course in it’s ideal future) would need to truly thrive as our tax structure is so broken that we can’t expect to have the resources to thrive without a little magic. We have some remarkable local talent and given a good cause could unite the forces of music, racial and socioeconomic justice, education and climate reconciliation, all the while walking the talk to the degree that we are capable.

I think a lookout tower would be grand and add to the tourism value, giving people something to do and see. A tower in that location would give one a panoramic 360 degree view of the city and potentially an incredible sight of sights that could be a destination for anyone coming to town and a place everyone who lives here would want to experience at least once. It could also be a springboard for Community Broadband, another topic I believe should be in the cards for our town and could/should be a resource and income stream allowing for a wider range of possibility with regard to economic sustainability.

I started this page as the more pragmatic version, and as I’m sure you can see, I’m a dreamer and an optimist. To me these things are all within range. I will probably do yet another page entitle “Ok this one will be actually pragmatic” for the benefit of the conservative, realist, economically experienced mindsets amongst us. The assumption is, for all of it, that an appropriate middle ground be found and that a balanced council can come to the appropriate decision. For the true conservatives amongst us, I’d be inclined to point you toward my stance on proportional representation as I hear your inherent criticism (it’s systemic, bordering on rhetoric at this point) and can only be remedied by a return to a (fair) proportional representation system.

In closing I’ll just add that when writing, this is all an invitation to a conversation, and the ideas presented are ideas I want people thinking about. The actual solution is necessarily emergent design and can (and should) look nothing like what I envision as one small facet of the big picture. With our powers combined we can come up with far better solutions than my limited point of view can ever dream of. My job as a candidate and potentially as a councilhuman is to facilitate that dialogue.

Oh and axe throwing. We should have axe throwing.