We are indeed powerful. And yet with that power comes huge waste and untold suffering. How much good can be done when we have transparency, integrity and empowered usage of our arsenal? The responsible use of our military is the core solution, as well as the core problem, in many of our failing systems. There simply isn’t enough to go around, and there’s no longer any question about where those resources are going.
While the right and left bicker about taxation and the poor and elderly go without, the American military continues to run rampant and unchecked. We need the military, the world is not yet ready to lay down all it’s weapons, but we can do so much better.

Again and again I come back to this metaphor of the martial arts master, who while powerful in combat, simply doesn’t need it. He is respected and he is respectful. He doesn’t need to show off his strength nor convince through force. Instead his energy is conserved and redirected into the noble pursuits of a humble yet powerful human. We can be this, and with this mindset solve all of our most pressing problems.